New Holiday Song Recorded On Phuket



Dear Sir / Madame.

My name is 'Mark Hopkins' and this is just a quick email to let you know that I have finished studio recording a new song on Phuket, Thailand. The songs name is 'I'm Coming Home For Christmas' and it's a high quality up-tempo ROCK/POP song written, composed and then recorded by me, with the aim to aid and market the local children's Orphanages here on Phuket.

I main reason I am emailing you is to ask if it would be possible for you to play the song on your affiliated radio station to help showcase the song, the website and then in-turn to bring awareness to the local Charities.

Before you put this email down to just another wonnabee please take a listen to the clip of 'I'm Coming Home For Christmas' on the website. I am hoping that you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality. Please listen here

If you like the song and will kindly play on your radio station I will be happy to also email you the MP3, but PLEASE consider downloading the song. 

That's about it. I hope you like the song and can help promote.

Please advise,

Mark Hopkins


​I am desperately seeking help to keep the website and then charity marketing going so any any air-time or help via social sharing etc will be greatly appreciated.

The bottom line is that the 'Tsunami Day'' web site server fees etc are now due and we can not afford to re-new so PLEASEcan you download the song. If we get enough people downloading this should be enough to pay for the server/domain fees so please take one minute to help. 

Alternatively you can also donate a little using the PayPal here

Every penny helps :)

​SOCIAL SHARING TEXT(Copy and past the below):

PHUKET, THAILAND ::: New 2016 Rock / POP song, 'I'm Coming Home For Christmas', which was studio recorded on Phuket, Thailand by songwriter 'Mark Hopkins' which helps to bring awareness to local Phuket Children's Orphanages.

PLEASE SHARE, LIKE and then listen/download by vising the website. Thanks...:)


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Thank you for your time, and hope that you like (Love) the song and will help us promote :)

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